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If possible, we would like to claim this username @BROKENLUNGSuk that’s taken but seems to be an inactive account.

Our argument for claiming this username is that:
1) The band is the owner and active user of the website.
2) Our website is linked to our current twitter account.
3) We’re an active user of Twitter @Broken_LungsUK and have been since 2017.
4) @BROKENLUNGSuk seems to be completely inactive and haven’t tweeted anything in 9 years. We’ve seen 0 change in tweets and followers in this time aside from myself in an attempt to contact the user.
5) @BROKENLUNGSuk profile is linking directly to our Tumblr profile which in turn links directly to our website.

Because @BROKENLUNGSuk seems completely inactive since 2011, I was hoping to use this username for the band so we can avoid having to use an “_” in our twitter username. The band requires a consistent and easy to find social media presence and is very important. You can see if you visit that we have a very strong web presence and growing fan base. Being able to secure a parallel Twitter username without the underscore would really allow us to have a cleaner, more consistent profile on twitter.

I’ve a screenshot to show that we own the domain name I’d be happy to provide you with any additional information required to support the possibility of us claiming the @BROKENLUNGSuk username then just let me know.

Thank you for considering our request, and I hope you’ll be willing to let us take over this username.

Many thanks
Alex – Broken Lungs

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